Friday, June 9, 2017

Copperball 6/9/2017 - 45 Pounds / 720 Ounces / 20,160 grams - 100% recycled copper

The Creation of COPPERBALL started in early March 2017 with a few strands of copper wire weighing merely a grams in weight and a diameter of not more then a few centimeters....

Since March, this handcrafted copper ball has grown to 45 pounds as of 6/9/2017.

Over 50 hours of time has been invested in crafting this obscure art-piece with a short-term goal of combining art and hobby from recycled copper.

The sources of this Copper vary from electrical cords, small electric motors, electronic spare parts.

This Copperball was crafted in Cape Coral Florida by Jason Matthew Mahan.

Donations to this Copperball will graciously be accepted to contribute to the art project.

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